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Video 1 - "Are Men as Superficial as You Think?"

One of the complaints women have about men is that they are superficial, because they judge women by their looks. But what if they are not?

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Video 2 - "Is a Man Merely a Hairy Woman?"

The trouble between men and women is that we can't even see each other in the first place. So when a man is looking at a woman, he doesn't see a woman. He sees a softer, more lovely, scattered, emotionally indulgent man.

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Video 3 - "Disappointment Time or Transition Time?"

If men don't remember what you tell them and they don't remember what they promise you, why we even bother talking to them? Well, maybe the problem isn't with men's memories, maybe the real problem is that men don't think the way that women think they do.

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Video 4 - "Drowning in Details"

Because men and women communicate so differently, we often get our feelings hurt and sometimes really really feel disrespected and not trusted by expecting a man to communicate the way a woman would.

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Video 5 - "How to Never Be Ignored by a Man Again"

Few things hurt as much as being ignored by the man you love. And not only does it hurt, it is kind of scary because if he is not paying attention to you, is he going to protect you? Is he going to take care of you? Does he still love you?

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